Sports Specific Conditioning & Cross Training

Cross training that builds the foundation for a superior performance

The nature of sport requires coordinated movement. As we continue to push the limits of the human body in its performance, we've seen astonishing results allowing individuals to not only see their potential, but to often surpass it and keep climbing!

So how do we achieve this? We focus on the secondary characteristics of training such as agility, quickness, reactivity, power, coordination and balance!

Are you looking to improve your speed off the line? Do you need to decrease your reaction time? Do you need to improve your balance on the beam or strength and stability in the saddle to improve the efficiency of your ride? Do you need to improve the follow through or increase the power of your golf swing? Whatever your sport here is the answer! Practise alone does not fine tune the skills we need to perform at our best. Our bodies need balance, stability and most of all precision control, focus and quality purposeful movements. Cross training these secondary characteristics is at the foundation of a good performance. One that is vital to every athlete!

Work one-on-one, as a pair or even a team to cross train in a beautiful studio, or we can take it outside to help you improve your quality of movement with the latest in sport conditioning equipment!

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