Active Rehabilitative Training & Personal Injury Cases

Return to work or sport and your LIFE! Breaking the cycle of recurrent pain!

Is a nagging sports injury keeping you on the sidelines? Hurt on the job or in a recent car accident? Chronic aches and pains with no medical answer? Kinetic Potential has a Kinesiologist that can help!

There can be light at the end of the tunnel! Often following an injury, acute treatment is given through physiotherapy, massage therapy and chiropractic methods, however while addressing your current pain, physical alignment and other symptoms an overall view of the body's mechanics is needed to address the heart of the problem. After these initial treatments one often will return to work or sport falling into a recurrent pain pattern that never seems to fully disappear.

Addressing the big picture, a Kinesiologist can analyze posture, gait and movement patterns as a whole to gain perspective on not only the injury but how the body is compensating as a result. Together a program is designed to address such needs as muscle balance, pelvic or shoulder girdle stability, core strength, improved gait function and postural alignment!

Kinetic Potential has worked with doctors, surgeons, therapists, ICBC and personal injury lawyers to get individuals the help they deserve to get back to work or sport and more importantly back to their everyday lives pain free!!

Kinetic Potential does direct billing with ICBC for active rehabilitation.

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