Fitness & Health Workshops in Vancouver area & Fraser Valley

Kinetic Potential offers workshops on a variety of health and fitness topics. We are mobile and offer workshops on site! Kinetic Potential can come to your workplace, running group, team practise, school, etc… to provide you with the latest tips and training strategies! Got a topic you want to learn more about, let us know! Below are a few of Kinetic Potential's most popular workshops!

Postural Analysis Workshop

Come learn the importance of good posture to help alleviate everyday pain. Through strategies to help maintain your posture you will learn how to incorporate postural awareness into your workout and everyday life, along with discovering muscle imbalances and the importance of correction. A few hours here, will help add many more comfortable hours to your life!

Shoulder Mechanics: How Does It All Work?

Are you rehabing your shoulder? Looking to improve your posture or increase your strength? This workshop will offer you the knowledge to do all of the above. Not only will you understand how this complex joint moves, but also learn simple exercises for strength and stability.

Runner's Issues: Injuries & Training Strategies

Come one, come all who enjoy pounding the pavement, or train those that do! This workshop will look at the mechanics of running and how it affects the physiology of the body. Common injuries and their causes will be examined, along with learning the importance of balance and stability in injury prevention. Learn how increasing your knowledge about the core can help undo some of the unnecessary stress and strain we face when we hit the road!