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Personal Fitness and Pilates Trainer in Richmond, Surrey and Langley

Personal 1-on-1, Semi Private & Small Group Fitness Training

We Also Offer Sport Specific Conditioning, Pilates Training, Active Rehabilitative Training & Personal Injury Cases, Pre/Postnatal Fitness for New or Expecting Moms and More

For the past 15 years, Kinetic Potential has been providing training services to individuals in the Fraser Valley and the Greater Vancouver area. With a vast array of knowledge Kinetic Potential is able to address many areas of health such as: core strength, pelvic and shoulder stability, sports injuries, body composition analysis, physical growth & motor development, functional training for seniors, & much more!

Combining many different areas of study, Kinetic Potential takes to heart the importance of looking at the body as a whole and not just the symptoms or issues one presents. The human body is a puzzle, one whose pieces are all interconnected and therefore interactive. Piecing the puzzle together for optimal functional movement and performance is our job; one we are committed to doing well combining a variety of different training methods that suit the individual in front of us!

Our enthusiasm for a pursuit of knowledge in the fitness industry enables us to provide our clients with the ability to achieve their health and fitness goals. Through the promotion of regular physical activity, it is our passion for our clients to enjoy their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

Start your journey today! Let us help you discover your potential!

1-on-1 Personal and Semi Private Fitness Training
1-on-1 Personal and Semi Private Fitness Training
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Sports Specific Conditioning and Cross Training
Pilates Training
Pilates Training