Kinetic Potential Group Fitness Classes for November 2018 & Session Booking

Following is our November 2018 schedule with a variety of classes that will help you maintain your routine or for some of you, push you to start something new!


6pm – Functional Pilates register »

7pm – Core Conditioning register »


10am – Functional Pilates register »

6pm – Total Body Blast register »


10am – Functional Pilates register »

Core Conditioning:

This class welcomes motivated exercisers who are up for an intense total body workout. Testing muscular strength & endurance, balance, coordination and cardiovascular fitness this class will keep you guessing and we will cover it all! Utilizing a variety or equipment to test all components of one's fitness no two classes will be the same! Are you up for the challenge?

Functional Pilates:

Pilates is a method of exercise that addresses an individual's strength and flexibility to help develop their "core" and body awareness. This class welcomes those new to pilates, those rehabilitating an injury, or individuals looking for a training method that is non-impactive with controlled, gentle range of motion of the joints. With a mind body focus pilates elongates muscles improving posture and helping to relieve, stress, tension and everyday aches and pains.

Total Body Blast:

This class welcomes the experienced to advanced exerciser looking to mix up their training regime integrating various athletic training techniques. Often using a circuit format this class will challenge your cardiovascular strength, muscular endurance, speed and quickness. We will use a variety of tools such as ladders, balance pods, cones, hurdles, balls and bands. This fast place class is ideal for any athlete, weekend warrior, or those of us that like to train like them!

Body Rolling 101:

Searching for a release of chronic tension and aches and pains? Looking to regain mobility or increase range of motion following surgery or a personal injury? Or is your body not able to keep up with the intensity of your training routine? Are tight muscles limiting your performance?

For whatever the reason tight, achy, stiff muscles are often red flags that we should be aware of and address before they escalate into something bigger! Are you unable to find the time and money to continue going to massage therapy or the chiropractor? Give us one hour a week and start on the road to restoring your mobility and increasing your flexibility! Your body will thank-you!

The results? You will learn about your own patterns of tension and how to release them which will able you to move with ease and much less effort. Learn simple release techniques with portable tools you can use on your own at home or on the road, at the workplace, etc… that will give you a preventative daily routine that will provide a lifetime of benefits!

Kinetic Potential Personal Training

Kinetic Potential also offers a variety of options for private personal training. Whether you are looking to improve your strength and balance, lose weight, preparing for or recovering from surgery, pre or postnatal fitness, personal injury case or sport specific conditioning, Kinetic Potential can help!

We offer private (1-on-1) or semi-private (2-on-1) personal training.

Our studio has the latest tools for balance training and sport conditioning, along with a variety of weights, cardio equipment, and brand new pilates equipment including a Balanced Body Reformer!

Take advantage of a free consultation! Schedule yours today and discover how Kinetic Potential will help you maximize your potential to reach your training goals!

Begin your journey today!

Fitness Class Cost

$12.00/class + tax

Classes are preregistered a month at a time. Payment for the complete session will be due prior to the start of the first class.

Accepted payment will be credit card, cash or cheque. If for any reason you have to miss a class you are welcome to make-up that class by dropping into any other class within the same month!

Save Money! Train More!

1 class per week = $12.00/class
2 classes per week = $9.60/class
3 or more classes per week = $8.40/class

Space is limited to 8 per class so register now!